Feeing a bit Rough?

Feeing a bit Rough?

Scaly itchy skin? Ingrowing hairs? If you don’t exfoliate your body after waxing you will be prone to the dreaded ingrowing hairs and dry skin build up. Ruff Stuff Scrub is intended to be used every day; exfoliating daily with a gentle product can be far more beneficial for the skin than over exfoliating with too much vigour once or twice a week. It’s almost impossible to over exfoliate with Ruff Stuff Scrub as the sugar crystals will begin to dissolve as they encounter damp skin, allowing you just the time needed to slough off any dead skin without damaging the delicate layer below. Ruff Stuff Scrubs have a Coconut oil base which is naturally Antibacterial, Antifungal & Antimicrobial and packed full of skin loving Vitamin E to leave your freshly exfoliated skin feeling hydrated and healthy. The Essential Oil blends for all 3 scrubs have been carefully chosen, not just for their pleasing aroma but for their skin protecting qualities, you won’t find any synthetic perfumes in our tubs! This is one of our TOP 10 products in the salon. £9.00 per tub

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