Why do you need a Patch Test?

Why do you need a Patch Test?

If you call us to book a tinting or lash treatment, we will ask you to pop in for a patch test. We understand that this can be an inconvenience to travel to the salon prior to your appointment, but it is for your own safety that we patch test EVERY client! Yes, even those who say they have had it done somewhere else!

When we are at college we are taught to patch test a client with the mixed tint and peroxide, prepared just as if it were a treatment, by applying the mixture to either the crook of the elbow or behind the ear 48 hours before. If a client has a positive reaction this area will become red, itchy and irritated, if there is a negative reaction nothing will happen and it is safe for the treatment to take place. It is not good enough that the client has had the treatment previously elsewhere – we MUST have a patch test as our product may be produced by a different manufacturer.

All reputable salons will patch test, be wary of salons that do not patch test! They will not be covered by insurance in the event of injury and could be putting your health at risk.

We retest at 6 montly intervals, as repeated exposure to a product can eventually develop into an allergy.

We will ask you to pop in for a patch test for the following treatments:

Eyebrow/lash tint HD Brows LVL Lashes Semi Permanent Lashes (requires a ten minute appointment. We will add three lashes to your own, as we cannot test lash glue directly on the skin)

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