What different types of lashes do we do?

Semi permanent lashes come in many different lengths, thicknesses, curls and finishes. We also do different types of sets for you to choose from. Here’s the difference, hopefully this will help to choose which lashes you need.

Lengths We have lashes from 8mm to 14mm. We use between 3 and 5 different lengths on each set of lashes. This is so that the false lashes are as natural as possible and resemble a real set of lashes. For example we use shorter lashes in the inner corner of the eye as the lashes here are naturally shorter.

Thicknesses We have lash thicknesses 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18 and 0.20 Depending on your natural lashes we will choose a lash to suit the thickness of your own real lash. This is so that we don’t use a lash that is too heavy for you to carry which could damage your real lashes.

0.07 and 0.10 lashes are only used as part of 2D-6D volume lashes. These lashes are the thinnest that you can get and are applied in multiples to create a fluffy finish.

0.12 lashes will be used on ladies with very fine or damaged natural lashes. These lashes create a very natural finish. We also use these lashes sometimes to feather a full classic set and create some volume.

0.15 lashes are our go to thickness. They are suitable for most clients and create a natural finish. We can also feather these lashes with a thinner lash to create texture.

0.18 and 0.20 lashes are used on ladies with a good strong natural lash. We rarely use 0.20 lashes however as they can be to heavy for most clients. We sometimes use very short 0.20 thickness lashes to create density at the lash line and then fill with the thinner lashes.

We do not use any lashes thicker than 0.20 as they are not suitable for long wear and can damage the natural lashes.


In the salon we only use B, C and D curls. We will choose the correct curl of lash depending on the shape of your eye and the styling.

Finishes and Styling

Lashes come in different finishes for example synthetic mink and silk. They are also available in real hair such as Mink. We only use 100% synthetic lashes. We prefer a faux mink effect as they are not as shiny as silk lashes which can be quite glossy and fake looking.

The most important part of the lash application is the styling of the eyelashes to suit each client’s eye. All our lash tech’s have advanced training in advanced techniques and volume lashes. We can create different styles to suit each eye. For example we would lash down turning eyes and hooded lids differently. We can create dolly shaped lashes, cat eyes and squirrel shapes to enhance the eye. Lashes enhance the eye and if applied incorrectly will actually enhance features that you don’t want to show off.

Classic Natural Set £35 This is one lash applied to every other lash, also known as half a set. Full Set £50 This is one lash on every suitable lash. Voume lashes from £60 This is a volume technique we have been specially trained in which requires multiple lashes to be applied individually fanned to create a fluffy look. The lashes used for this are very very fine which means the lashes are not overloaded.

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